I would advise if you have bad credit,don't sign any contract with them,these are long sharks and should be investigated,news,paper,and The attorney general and there should be a class action lawsuit against them,If you get a auto loan a 18% rate,you about to be in a bad way,they will take your auto back,they will harrasss you by their voice recordings (all through the day),if you are 2 days late,apply your payments mostly to interest also all your deferment payments,(if you defer or extend).You will have a ballon payment and you won't get your title.

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Miami, Florida, United States #1264504

My credit took a hit in my divorce, & I ended up with a car loan through gm financial.My interest rate was 10%, which is high, but I see some people are up over 20%...sheesh!

Maybe you should look for a much cheaper car. I haven't had any problems with them. A few times I went past the due date, but they haven't inaccurately reported to the credit bureau, but they did call me once a day until I paid the bill. I don't think that's unreasonable.

I'm actually refinancing through my credit union now, & tomorrow I'm going to call & ask them for a lower rate, or I'll close the account.

We'll see what they say.


I just got my car repossessed without any notice.They wouldn't return any of my calls, so don't know what I need to pay.

I was behind and getting ready to make a payment. I called and they was so rude and was told that I should've read my contract. I was told that the repo lot would charge me 75.00 to get my personal items out. My work badge is in the car and could loose my job.

News flash I don't won't the car back anyway.I wouldn't recommend GM Financial to anyone.

Killeen, Texas, United States #663442

Ive personally never had a problem with them, I cosigned for my husband but bc my credit score was higher I am listed as primary.I also have my own loan for my car through TD auto.

I recently left the army, go to school and work. Heres the deal people...its a contract and you signed for it. If you pay on time you wont receive a fee. If you had sooooo many other loans to choose from why didnt you scope them out?!

The majority of the people have an issue with this company but I willing to bet you also have issues with your credit card companies?

They are a business not your friend they need to make money too bc most of the people they give these loans to end up not finishing their contract.....:roll

to Dana #786424

I fell behind on payments due to hard times but tried to pay the past due payments to get caught up.By them not contacting me right away, it caused additional late fees.

I did not have problems with other creditors, just this one.

I do not feel like a valued customer.:cry

to Dana #893952

I have paid early by months each month I'll use your term "news flash" payment never has posted early

I did eventually refinance with my credit union. The dealership scoped out GM and some people may be under the impression if you have seen one lender you have seen them all, not true.

Here's the deal in short even if you sign a contract when some companies use scrupulous tactics (this could be any company) there is no consumer protection it's not a one sided venture and expecting such does not equate wanting a friendship.

"The devil is in the details"

Palm Beach, Florida, United States #600197

never had a problem with them :)


I can't believe the bulls*t that I read from some of you people - Americredit / GM Financial did not walk into your house and kidnap you and force you to sign up for a loan.You walked into a dealer with crappy credit and got taken in by the bright lights and fancy talk of the dealer.

As an adult with half a brain, it is your responsibility to shop around for the best deals and once you settle on the loan to ask questions and read over what you sign. No company is in the business of letting you pay whatever and whenever you want, if someone owed you money I can bet that you would be calling them nonstop asking when you would get your money. Are the interests high? Fu*k yeah, that's what they are in business for - they market to sub-prime customers...they make money from the insane interest rates then from collecting on defaulted loans, that is why they were bought up into GM Financial, because they make money.

As someone who had a loan from them I will offer this advice: 1. do not deal with them unless you are aware and willing to pay the interest 2. if you have no choice, suck it up and pay for one to two years then refinance the loan - it may extend the loan, but you will pay less in interest and monthly payments 3. If you cannot do either of the above keep current on the payments - falling behind means they will charge you fees and add the lates to the end of your loan.

As you pay into the loan the first one to three years are mostly interest.I paid three years and in the third year only then did more than half the payment go into principal and not interest.

to WTF Broomfield, Colorado, United States #589462

well i have refinanced away from americredit because i dont know where you come from but the payment is supposed to be split between principle and interest not just interest so when you go to payoff it should be less than what the sum of your remaining payments are... this company is a giant ripoff and im pretty sure you must work for them because i have seen your comments on other pages...

to wow Meriden, Connecticut, United States #1023596

Actually try reading your Contract it is set up just like a mortgage you pay more intrest and less principal. Maybe you should learn how to read and pay your bills on time.

to zeus #1373990

Why are you here? Oh l know your an affiliate!

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