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Americredit sucks! I've had a loan with them for 3 years and have never been late with a single payment. I'm out of work due to maternity leave and just found out my short-term disability insurance isn't coming through. I called to request a deferrment for next month's payment and was told simply that deferrments were not an option - under any circumstances - period.

I've been a good customer and have fallen on a short-term financial hardship- all I needed was a little extra time on ONE payment! So now I've had to cancel their authorization to debit from my checking account and just plan to be a month late on my next payment.

Thanks for nothing, Americredit!

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I have americredit they gave me a deferment.I was late on my payment.


Same thing happened to me. I was 1 month behind and had made a payment 10 days earlier.

I had planned to make a payment with them that day. They said because I didn't answer the phone at 8;30 am they sent out the re-po man. I was at work. They didn't even give me til the end of the day to make the payment.

The re-po man waited while I called and I told them I was going to make the payment and could pay the account up to date. They were unwilling to do anything. They can keep the car.

only 1 month behind and they knew I was going to be paying that day. Oh well they won't get there money back!


I also was treated badly made a late payment that "wasn't received by repo-truck driver on his e-tablet"! So he had to tow.

Americredit told me the fellow I talked to the week before no longer works there! And new person had no knowledge of my deferred payment; And still hounding me for money !!


I also use americredit. They have been great to me when I have been behind with my car payment.


They won't defer, You have to pay to get deferred and if you defer yourself they just tack on late fees so that you never catch up.


I hear you on this I have Americredit and they SUCK. They wont deffer a payment for me either and I have ahd my loan for 3 years as well and have NEVER been late.

The customer service reps there are all RUDe so they make you be rude back to them

Try refinancing your car that is all I have to say so you dont have to deal with Americredit any more


They do make deferments but you have to be 60-90 days left and then you have to pay one payment and the defer charge. They did this for me in Dec 09. They very nice to me.


"Thanks for nothing Americredit"

- Actually they financed your vehicle so you should probably be thankful for that. Also I am sure there is no stipulation in your contract stating that you are entitled to any assistance.

That may sound rough but it is according to the terms that you signed for at the time of purchase. Unfortunately the dealership probably didnt give you an opportunity to read the contract before asking you to sign it- thats not Americredits fault. Their one and only obligation to you was to finance the car- which they did. The rest was up to you.

And yes, sometimes unexpected expenses come up- but thats not the companys fault. What many people dont seem to understand is that many finance companies are bound to the same terms of the contract that you are. If you sign a contract that doesnt mention assistance- then the finance company may not be abl to offer assistance. They have rules they need to follow as well.

Investors play a big part of what a finance company can and cannot do - its not always up to them to make the final decision no matter how much power you think they have. Also, if their reps are rude- speak to a manager. If the manager is in agreement with the rep- ask them to explain why.

And check your attitude! Dealing with equally rude customers all day can make even the most mild tempered managers edgy!


It has been rocky for me since last December and I have had to be late and even double up on payments. They have been understanding about it each time.

I too was told that they don't defer payments, but I can pay late as long as I let them know when I will pay. I typically set up a bank draft for the payment to be deducted from my account on the day I have the money to pay.


I have never been late on a payment in 3 years. My spouse lost his job and we were unable to make the payment.

I asked for a deferment and was denied.

I was told that deferments are no longer being offered. I was offered an extra week, but that does not help when we have no money to pay it.


Hi my name Is CandI Sullivan I have called several times tryin to make a payment for my Fiance who is deployed. They refused to take a payment because im not on the contract.

The reps are very rude and when I ask to talk to a manager they always hang up in my face. I drive and pay for the car so I don't kno why Im given a hard time. I jus want to make sure the payments are made and theyre preventin that. The manager sided with the reps and told me to fax a power of attorney.

I did and called back the Rep was being rude and unprofessionl when I told she was being unprofessional she said "you havnt seen unprofessional yet." I asked to speak to her manager and she hung up on me. Eveytime I call I feel like Im being badgered and harrassed by the Reps and all I want to do is make a payment to keep my Fiance acct in good standing.


In July, I was falling behind due to an illness that my husband had. I had my car loan for two years.

When I called, they gave me a one month deferment and then they changed my payment date so that I had about a month and 1/2 to make that payment.

I was very happy with how I was treated. I am not sure why they would give some people a deferment and refuse others.


:? I am surprised to hear about all these complaints. I was a couple days late on my payment and the rep called and told me to just call and let them know next time so that they can put it in my file that the payment will be late. She was very nice.

Richfield, North Carolina, United States #24856

:( Americredit have rude people working for them..I heard they were going under great I hope so..they blow

Pink Hill, North Carolina, United States #19371

I had the exact same issue in May 08 with Americredit. Their rep told me it was a company wide policy and that they weren't offering any deferments to anyone. They should definitely be more flexible with good customers who have consistantly been on time with payments and have a solid history with them

Barry, Illinois, United States #15288

sometimes the "head people" of the company tell their agents not to do deferments. its not the reps fault.

or maybe you just were not eligible... deferments are not always guaranteed anyways..

they have to get approved by upper management. finance companies are not required to give a deferment, they only offer them when it is available.

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