this company has the highest interest rate and no programs in place that can reduce your payment! they call my home at least 4 times a day along with a message in my e-mail .

they should have some type of loan payment program for a 7 year old vehicle. all that they want is a payment. i have been paying on this loan for 5 years and the loan amount is outrageous!!!The repeated calling is almost harrassing!

they even call the individual that you have listed as a reference. there should be a program that can catch up payments and satisfy the loan amount!

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Just go to your own bank and refinance... just because they can't refinance doesn't mean anything...

go somewhere else! By the sounds of it you'd be happier elsewhere anyway!


I got a loan with Americredit back in 2005 on a 2004 truck.The interest was at 17% very high at the time. I have made every payment on time, have never missed a month.I called them in Nov.

of 2010 to see if they could help me by lowering the interest rate since I haven't missed any payments and have been on time every month.The truck will be paid off in 1 1/2 years.

Their reply was we don't have a plan in place to help people lower their interest rate even if they have been a good customer. If they can't help a good customer, Don't help the Company to get rich off off the backs of people who really try to do them right.

B.M.S Arlington Texas.

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