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This company is a joke. I had a loan with them for a few years.

I ran into hard times ( not there problem ) and missed some payments. They were unwilling and as they said unable to do anything to help me out. They took my truck back sold it at auction as is standard for a delinquent loan. Then they came after me for the balance witch is also standard.

The thing that drives me up a wall is that after they sold my truck for much less then I could have sold it for they cut my interest rate by 22%. What the ***! If they had cut my rate that much when I was trying to pay them then I would have been able to make my payments. Also if they had worked with me on selling the truck i could have gotten an extra 6,000 dollars for it and saved myself the auction fee.

This is the worst company I have ever had the miss fortune to deal with. The icing on the cake is that you can not make a payment to them without paying for the privilege! If you mail them a check it is a three dollar fee. If you pay online it is a five dollar fee!

If you call and pay them over the phone it is a ten dollar fee! This *** should not be legal!

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Nerdlinger works for Americredit...that is how they talk....yep!!!

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