We suffered a bankruptcy following me being laid of from work and my wife requiring surgery and not being able to work for almost 6 months. Purchased a car from a dealership, financed with Americredit.

Made the payments as required. I held up my end, they did their's. Certainly a company for last resort option, but if you pay as promised I doubt you'll have any problems.

To those complaining about being repossessed when only 2 payments behind...I'm sorry but I have no sympathy. You were in breach of the contract.

They had every right to repo your car!

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There has to be a human element here somewhere. First of all I didn't ask for Americredit to finance my loan it was sold to them.

Second of all if you were doing so well you would not have had to file bankruptcy. OOPS sorry forgot about the surgery thing...not...had you planned accordingly...you would have had enough to take care of your bills without having to file bankruptcy...or did you have poor judgement and not work for a company that provided health insurance.

Let's not throw stones...the bottom line is this company along with many others are predatory lenders. They know going in to the deal that you are a high risk so maybe they should be a little more understanding when we fall on hard times since they seem to follow our "Type".


I think he is right!!! People want to get mad when you are being called for a payment or getting your vehicle reposessed!!!!

And then want to say that Americredit is such a bad company. I have one question.How bad were they when the financed your car? The answer is they werent!!! You were so happy to get that car you didnt care who financed it.

All I have to say is pay your bills and if you are so unhappy with the company then get your loan refinanced. Oh I think that would be very hard to do, because your credit was so messed up you were lucky anyone would financed you!!!


Dude, can't you sympathize with the fact that sometimes people suffer hardships? It's commendable that after your unemployment/bankruptcy you still stick up for the lenders, but it is hardly sensible.

Wouldn't your financial life have been better off had Americredit been more sympathetic to your situation? Sometimes human relations have to come before the almighty dollar...


Breach of contract is understood. I can't see taking someone's car after missing only 1 payment. Jeez, I guess you never missed any payments to other creditors, due to you FORSEEING your lay off from work, your wife having surgery and then having to file bankrupt!!!

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