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Americredit can kiss my butt! I get in an accident, the insurance pays the claim, I send them the check and they cash it.

When I am done getting the repairs on my car, they take FOREVER to send the check to the body shop making it so I can't recieve my car. I call, they won't let me talk to the financial department so I can have it all sorted out. It's just bull ***.

They refuse to give me any sort of contact information so I can get things moving along.

And they have an attitude with me, my shop, and my husband.

Who they *** do they think they are!? UUGGHH!

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I agree. I sent the check in with the receipt for the repairs done on my car and they said the never got it.

I sent it registered mail and told them who signed for it. They said there was no one there by that name. I asked if they enjoyed lying and that if I didn't have the check over nighted to me I would have my insurance company deal with them. I didn't think they wanted to fight and insurance company.

My auto insurance company threatened to bring charges against them and the repair company got their check the next day.

But it took nearly two weeks for them to send out the check, and only have a billion dollar company threatened them with legal action. I can't wait to pay off my car and be done with them permanently.

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