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This company is calling my house and cell phone every two hours everyday! They are claiming that our payment was not made. I choose to make my monthly payment to Americredit thru my bank instead of using their prefered method that charges an extra $12.00.

Because I don't use THEIR method they reject my payment from my bank. This causes them to call me every two hours and charge me late fees!

When I talk to their "customer" service reps they are rude and threating.

One customer service rep when so far as telling my husband to "check up on his wife because she's not making the payment like she said she did."

What a loser! Give me a break!

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Hmmmmm. I'm surprised "Amy" the Americredit c*nt didn't say something rude here like she did on other posts.

Ditto to nearly everything you said. This company is a predator company, taking advantage of the credit weak consumers.

I feel your pain. Oh, and Amy, get a life.

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