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This company does not help you and I see all the complaints regarding paying the car off and they tack on more money at the end of the loan...Great!! I am 8 days late and they call 20 times a day, even after I told them when I can pay..Customer Service Sucks..I hope people read this and do not chose them ..:( :( :( I have had them for 5 years and look forward to paying this car off and now worried that they will add more money to the end of the loan and I will not be able to pay it !!!!!

Review about: Americredit Loan.

Monetary Loss: $60.

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so you had a BETTER interest rate with cap one...and still went with americredit? wtf are you smoking?


Awful company. Representative of everything that is wrong with America today.

I took out a loan of 21K and will end up paying close to 40K when I am finished in two more years.

I got suckered by dealer steering me toward Americredit when I already had a loan from Capital One with lower rate approved. No matter how badly you need a car...DO NOT GET A GM/AMERICREDIT LOAN - the only thing worse you could do to yourself financially is declare bankruptcy.


I'm about to have my 2006 Pontiac G6 paid off after 5 years, or so I thought I would. I'm being told that I still owe more money and that there is a principle balance owed.

This really sounds like some B***S*** to me. I plan on getting to the bottom of it.

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